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We at Vikram Hygiene Products manufacture a broad range of plain, embossed, printed & laminated PE Breathable & Non-Breathable Films used as a Back sheet for manufacturing baby diapers, adult diapers, Sanitary napkins, medical back-sheets, Medical Gowns, PPEs, and various personal hygiene disposable products. We also manufacture TPE Monolithic Breathable Films which is suitable for manufacturing a wide variety of protective apparel, Medical attires, Drapes, masks, Gloves, Permeable house wrap & Waterproof apparel.

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Our Services

Vikram Hygiene Products, strives to deliver value-added services. This creates a competitive edge for our clients in the growing competitive market and supplies quality products at the best price ensuring timely deliveries.

Product Development

We work closely with our clients to understand
their specific requirements & applications
and help develop newer & better products
through our Research & Development Lab to create
best possible products for them.

Product Customization

We provide various value-added services to our clients.
for product customization These include product design,
graphic designing, special color printing,
special lamination, designing, emboss & texturing, etc.


For our clients to meet their respective market compliance,
we help with generating lab test reports as required.

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